| The “Theory of Everything” turns out to be a “Theory of Nothingness”

The incorrectness of the formulas in Einstein’s article “On the Influence of Gravitation on the Propagation of Light” (Einstein, 1911), is presented in the analysis here!

The logic presented in the above webpages about the influence of gravitation on the propagation of electromagnetic radiation (in regions with a uniform gravitational field, in regions with weaker gravitation, and in regions with stronger gravitation), fully coincides with the views of the supporters of the cosmological theory of the “Big Bang”:

“Let us consider the behavior of electromagnetic radiation propagating towards a “black hole”. With the increasing intensity of the gravitational field, the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation falls (to zero), the wavelength shortens (to zero) and, consequently, the velocity of electromagnetic radiation in relation to vacuum (to the stationary space) drops (to zero). So, with the propagation of the electromagnetic radiation to “the black hole” – the electromagnetic radiation converts to stationary nothingness (vanishes into “nothingness”). Let us now consider the behavior of electromagnetic radiation, which escapes at some condition from a “black hole”. In that case, we register the birth of photons (energy) out of nothing, but in more specific terms – the birth of a particle from the “nothingness”.
Therefore, what is the Big Bang – may be the birth of matter of the Universe from “a global black hole of the Universe”, which actually is “the birth of the matter and energy of the Universe from the “nothingness”.
(Sharlanov, 2012b).

In this sense, the “Theory of Everything” turns out to be a “Theory of Nothingness” …

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