The problems in physics are created by the scientists themselves and are surrounded by their guardians. When they do not find scientific arguments against evidence of untenability from a scientific standpoint, instead of discussing a misconception – they react with SILENCE.

However, everybody knows that Silence is a sign of consent!

If a student of physics disagreed with the special theory of relativity, he or she is classified as insufficiently intelligent (stupid) to understand the special theory of relativity. Such a student, even if he succeeds to graduate, has no chance of becoming Ph.D., even more so in the field of relativity and cosmology. That is why a Ph.D. has no chance of agreeing to any arguments proving that the special theory of relativity is a big delusion. This is because in this case, it will turn out that actually she or he himself is not intelligent enough. In fact, their whole life will prove to be a waste of time … However, honesty requires to move to the side of truth because the progress in science cannot be stopped!

In the Website sub-page “The “internationally recognized physics journals” – examples of rejection” is a demonstration how internationally recognized journals of physics with the highest “impact factor” reject articles that compromised the special theory of relativity,… without any scientific arguments or discussion.

On the Website sub-page “The answers of some well-known physics and astronomy publishers” can be read the “scientific arguments” of the most famous publishers in physics and Astronomy, that rejected the publication of the book “The Special Theory of relativity-a classical review”. Much of the content of this book is uploaded to the site and anyone is free to read it, weigh the evidence and comment.

Perhaps the content of the website subpage “THE SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENTS OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY” corresponds to the title “The Emperor’s New Clothes in Modern Physics”. In the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen we read:

“Clothes made of this cloth (the special theory of relativity) had a wonderful way of becoming invisible (incomprehensible) to anyone who was unfit for his office (unfit for his degree), or who was unusually stupid…”

In the website sub-pages are shown:

The author believes that the arguments of the readers will be scientific, without the use of the “logical circular reference”. In other words, the arguments cannot refer to the claims and statements based on existing misconceptions of contemporary physics. All of us must always remember that according to Kurt Gödel’s statement that the “truth” value of a statement cannot be evaluated by reference to the previously accepted value of the statement itself (self-referring).

The doors are opened for all scientists, who wish to participate in the discussion, who wish the physics to escape from the blind alley of the relativity and cosmology, where it is at present.

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